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What Parts are needed for a Comfort System?
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 Posted: Friday May 22nd, 2009 03:22 pm
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All products can be seen on

The Comfort Controller,CP9000-ULT is the brains of the system. It consists of 8 inputs for Security sensors and 8 outputs for relays and Infrared signals, with built-in Auto answering with voicemail, dialer, voice menu, telephone interface, Time Programs and reminders, X10 interface.
Make sure the product installed is Comfort II and NOT Comfort I

The Local Expansion Module LEM01-M2 add 8 more inputs and outputs to the system.
Slave Expansion Panels SEP01-M2 also have 8 inputs and 8 outputs but can be located at different locations in the premises, eg on different levels connected by a CAT5 data cable. Combinations of SEP01-M2 and LEM01-M2 allow up to 96 inputs and 96 outputs in the system.

Up to 8  keypads  of various P0can be connected in a system to arm and disarm the alarm system, control home appliances, record and hear messages, and to intercom with the Door Stations.

KP06 with choice of frames, mountable in vertical or horizontal orientation

KP04 (with LCD)


KP05 (horizontal)

A handy RC01 Remote Control is also available that can act as a remote keypad and control Comfort.

Comfort's Door Stations ring the home phones when people are at home, or call to mobile phones when the system is armed to Away. Up to  3 Door Stations can be installed. Several types of Door Station are available;

DS01 Aluminium

DS02 Stainless Steel with camera options

The Comfigurator 3 Software is used to program Comfort according to your requirements.

This requires either
the  UCM/USB or UCM/Ethernet  module to communicate with Comfort. The UCMs also include an Infrared signal learner for IR signals.

UCM/Ethernet is shown above. This is recommended for new installations as it allows programming by Comfigurator as well as control of Comfort by iPhone, iPad, Android Phones or Tablets

Up to 8 external Interfaces to various 3rd party lighting and electrical systems (eg Cbus, KNX,  Dynalite, Ulti, Z-Wave, SmartHouse (Dupline), Modbus,  Lutron, Rako etc) can be added to the system to provide flexibility according to the users preferences.

Relay Modules can be used to switch lights, appliances, control gates and doors


Infrared Transmitters can be connected to any Comfort Output to send learned IR signals to airconditioners and Home entertainment equipment

Current Sensors can detect current flow in lights and appliances in order to provide real time status

Many other optional modules can be included including GSM Module, which sends alarm messages by SMS and allows you to control Comfort by SMS, and  Scene Control Switches

The minimum configuration is CP9000 Comfort Controller and a keypad

Also see What is Comfort and What does it do

Where to Buy?

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