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"Battery Warning" Alarm
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 Posted: Sunday Aug 6th, 2006 10:33 am
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The "Battery Warning" alarm occurs when Comfort detects a low battery condition, when the battery is below 11.5 Volts. When the battery is being charged by Comfort (ie all the time when mains power is on), this will not normally occur except if the battery is faulty

Comfort also does a default 24 hour check of the battery voltage with the Mains off. Comfort switches off the mains charging circuit to the battery to test the battery on load. This is a better test of the  battery. During thistest which takes 2 minutes, if Comfort detects a low battery, it will immediately switch on the Mains charging to the battery and activate a Battery Warning alarm
The keypad will give a beeping tone and for KP04 LCD keypad, Battery Warning wil be displayed. To acknowledge the alarm jist enter your user code and # key. For the 24 hour battery check where the Charging current to the battery has been restored, the Battery Warning message and alarm will be cleared by the acknowledgement, as the battery voltage will have been restored by the charging current.

If the battery is disconnected, the 24 hour test will report Battery warning every day

The Battery check interval  can be changed in Comfigurator (Configuration > Modules and Settings) by the installer from the defaul vaue of 24 hours. If the value is 0, the automatic battery check is disabled

The Battry check Duration of 2 minutes acn also be changed

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