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On the keypad, press F3 and 2 for the Security Check Menu (or on the User Menu press 3 for Security Menu, 4 for Test, and 2 for Security Check)
In Security Check Mode, any Security zone (doors, windows, motion detector) which is triggered will be announced on all keypads eg "front door", Hall movement" without causing any alarm, even for 24 hour zones like Panic buttons or Tamper.
This is useful for checking that the alarm sensors are working and are connected correctly to Comfort. Press F on the keypad, or # on the telephone to exit the Security Check mode


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TIP: Using a DECT handset while walking around is great or use a pair of PMR radio handsets. Most have a baby monitor facility switch this on and place the handset near the comfort keypad. Each time the voice is broadcast over the property.

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