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 Posted: Monday Aug 2nd, 2021 04:38 pm
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Thanks for the feedback.

I had a play right back in the beginning with a stand alone PI. It was reasonable, but I didn't get very far with it, think I managed to get it working with Alexa.

Is the UCM on the same basis? just a bit worried in investing nearly £300 inc Pi and not getting the results I want or it being to difficult to program (I work in IT but not been operational for 10 years)... ST and a lot of the other integration services are cloud, but Hubitat sits on the local network so available when the internet isn't big plus and suspect that also improves security. However, this adds another £135 to the package.

Are there any security implications I need to consider by introducing the UCM PI?

As mentioned I am looking to integrate (as many others are) with:
Philips Hue or other smart lighting
Z-Wave (Vera and Fibaro)
Zigbee Ikea blinds.... unless anyone can recommend a uk hardwired roller blind.
Tado (Heating/Aircon)
I have all of these working with Alexa except the blinds which I am yet to purchase

I am also very interested in using old iPhones or cheap Fire Tablets as room dashboards to make it easier for other home users to use my smart home tech

Once again thank all

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