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 Posted: Saturday Jul 31st, 2021 05:19 pm
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Hi All,

Not had a lot of time with my system over the last couple of years.... work in the NHS and something has been taking our time up. Hope everyone if keeping safe and well.

Still love my Comfort system and the team at Cytech.

I am aware of Matt's PI interface, but haven't purchased it yet and not sure how easy it is to program. However, the world of smart home is exploding with many companies building loads of things that could help, but that interface between us and the equipment becomes ever more complicated.

I use comfort for many tasks, using relays, IR, z-wave, and in some cases just simple 12v outputs. The problems I have faced is new z-wave equipment is not supported by the UCM, zigbee seems to be a choice of protocol for some manufactures. I have also started to look at Hue bulbs (one at the moment they are very expensive) they just get rid of the need for hardwiring modules.

I would like to take input messages from comfort PIR, smoke detectors, dry contact switchs etc and the alarm mode status, off, day, night, away, holiday into another hub.... currently the Hubitat looks interesting as it supports z-wave, zigbee, hue which would allow me to get rid of 2 or 3 other smart home hubs, vera, smart things, Hue hub (not yet purchased).

Has anyone else looked at smart home hubs and interfacing with comfort / Matt's UCM? in particular I would be very interested in views on the Hubitat-C7.

Can anyone suggest how I move forward with the exploding number of smart home products and continue to have Comfort at the core of my system? Amongst other things I have been looking at Ikea electric roller blinds, but their remote is rubbish. I have a dry contact button connected to comfort to open and close my curtains..... but this won't work with zigbee (I think) Ikea blinds.

Any thoughts much appreciated.



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