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 Posted: Friday Nov 6th, 2020 07:43 am
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I cant be the only person having difficulty with the Android App? Chiu has tested my .jcrlccip file and it works with him.   It also downloads and works fine on my partners Iphone. 

I have a Samsung Galaxy S8.I cannot get the downloaded file to sync with the App. The app works and can set and unset Comfort, but there is no control or schedule items to see. I have double clicked the attachment, I have imported the attachment and i have tried emailing it to 3 separate email accounts - none of them now show up or work with the App.

I deleted the local IP address, which was manually inserted and communicating with comfort for security on/off, but this IP information was not downloaded in the file, which the forum says should happen. It has been working fine for a good few years, until I downloaded a new updated file and it stopped. I have deleted the App many times, deleted all the backup information on my Samsung phone. I am using the latest Comfigurator V3.13.5.0.... HELP

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