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 Posted: Wednesday Jul 29th, 2020 09:15 am
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Thanks Swiss-Toni. I think I may just assume that it is so, and rewire the RIO to a separate local 12V supply.
(doing the consumption calcs is a PITA! :?)
There's not really much I can move out of the master panel now, - both those UCM's are there because they have radio antennae, and this master panel is best situated for the optimal radio coverage throughout the property, and obviously the DM02 is for the front door which is less than 2m away from the panel.

I assume I can just use a wall-wart 12VDC PSU for the RIO? - no need to tie into the same supply as the rest of the system?... I already have a need for one in the same location anyway, as I also have a mesh wifi disc to power just adjacent. I see the RIO consumption is very modest at 25mA max, with the manual specifying a 500mA PSU, so I think I could probably piggy-back off the Wifi PSU which is 12VDC @ 2000mA...

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