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 Posted: Friday Aug 30th, 2019 09:26 am
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After upgrading to 7.117 my UCM/universal to Rako serial connection stopped working. Commands from Comfort to Rako worked but commands from Rako to Comfort appeared to miss the last digit of the message.

Using a terminal program to monitor, Rako is sending the command:-

This message is terminated with CR LF

The following is received by comfort taken from the I/O monitor window:-

Until now I had the terminator byte set up as 0D (CR as described in the Comfort/Rako app note). I changed this to 0A (LF) and the full message was received again but due to the terminator character being LF this broke messages going in the opposite direction back out from Comfort to Rako as a CR is required for the Rako bridge to execute the command.
I have reverted to UCM/Universal Firmware 7.066 in the meantime and all is currently working.
Please can someone at Cytech check this? I have attached the universal config for info.


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