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 Posted: Friday Aug 9th, 2019 02:22 am
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Known Bugs
  • In Phone Numbers, when UCM/GSM4 is in the systrem, the Phone Permission checkboxes are missing for each user. They are enabled by default for all users
Bugs Fixed
  • KNX/Logic send text to id=01 (self) was invalid. This allows Status on bottom left to work
  • Divide action Parameters are fixed
  • In the Zones screen when the "Status " checkbox is checked to show the real time state of zones, when a zone state changes, the screen goes back to the top so higher numbered zones could not be seen easily. Now this has been improved so the zones screen does not jump when any zone state changes.

New Features/Changes
  • IRIO 0-10V  Dimmer Input switch added parameters "Direction" and "Quick Press" so that the switch can be used to dim up and dim down by long opress
  • IRIO analog outputs 0-10V added mapped on/off flag which turn off when the analog output value is 0 and turn on value is > 0. This flag controls an output which can be used to switch the analog output on or off
  • UCM/Cbus2 : When Imported from CBZ, the Register assignment is not  changed in Comfigurator if already mapped to Comfort Counter, Flag, Virtual Input etc. If a new Group address is imported, it is Unassigned (ie FF)
  • Register Monitor Window. This is a new window that allows selected Inputs, Outputs, Counters, Flags, and Sensors to be monitored for real time value. However, an issue is that  new file will also ask to log in, even when there is no register defined.
  • UCM/GSM4 added new 4G type 3 = 7600-LTE to support future LTE module
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