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 Posted: Saturday Feb 16th, 2019 08:11 am
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We have a new UCM/Velbus module Beta version out after a long absence from Velbus development, due to popular demand.
The new UCM/Velbus Manual version 3 can be downloaded from
The main changes are;
  • The Velbus modules supported by UCM/Velbus instead of being hard-coded, are based on a configuration file called velbus.cfgx Thus future velbus modules can be supported by editing the configuration file. The format of the file wil be described in this manual.
  • Support for Vlebus modules increased according to Velbus Module table in this manual
  • The Counter or Sensor assigned to  Velbus address/Channel  in the table  is unique ie not duplicated in different lines of Velbus to Comfort
  •  Response Wizard Commands to Velbus are determined by velbus.cfgx Commands=”xxx” parameter
  • In Monitor Mode the  “Clear screen” button  clears the displayed data.
  • Comfigurator 3.12.12 is required for this firmware
     Users can upgrade to the UCM/Velbus Beta Firmware by downloading the new firmware from for UCM/Velbus 7.117 (Beta). download and unzip to the cbf file

Then go to Modules Tab.  Right clicking and selecting "Upgrade from Local file"
As we do not have any of the new Velbus modules, we would appreciate any feedback from Velbus users and installers.

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