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 Posted: Sunday Feb 3rd, 2019 06:24 am
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HIO Firmware 7.024 Changes
  • Ignore Master Switch Setting and all operations are permanently set to “Master On scene” mode.
  • Support for Normally Open (NO) settings of Room and Toilet PIR operations.
  • Improved shutdown operation.  At the end of shutdown period, a final status check is done Room and Toilet PIR.  If either is ON, room shutdown is aborted.  This caters for long “ON” pulse PIR.
  • Improved handling for primary and secondary relay shutdown, in cases where no primary or/and secondary relay setup.
  • Improved room occupancy sensing criteria to activate.  Previously, if no Room PIR in channel, this function is not enabled.  Now it includes Toilet PIR as well.
  • Changed  the behaviour after keycard is removed, lights are not switched off if PIR status is on.

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