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 Posted: Saturday Dec 15th, 2018 12:08 am
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Hi All,

I have use the Z-Wave UCM for a number of years now and it works great so long as the modules are supported most of my modules are 3+ years old. I have at least 15 z-wave items in my network but I have not managed to get the latest Fibaro Double Switch 2 5 Gen to work which I think Chiu has already mentioned.

Is there a plan to develop the z-wave UCM to work with new z-wave products? It has been a valuable asset to my security system. I have a lux sensor that triggers z-wave lights and appliances depending on external light levels (Vera lite is my main z-wave controller and its a great but obsolete unit...the z-wave ucm acts as a bridge. As well as the lux sensor I have PIR's triggering lights and depending on the alarm mode lights do different things.

LED strip lights simple use the 12v outputs and they works really well.

I have tried Danfoss z-wave rad valves and found them to be a little problematic and never manage to get them to work with cytech the way I have other z-wave items I believe this is because they are not bi-directional in nature plus they only check in every 10/20mins. I needed up using a schedule within Vera to change temp setting morning and evening e.g bedroom 20degrees morning, lounge 18 degrees during the day both to 18 degrees and then increasing them at night. However, end up changing them manually outside of the schedule.

I am now looking at something like a Honeywell Evohome to add heating zone control. Has Cytech integrated with any of these systems via the universal ucm? it feels like this is the way forward. The universal UCM works brilliantly with my Yamaha amp for example.

Finally what is the purpose of the ucm-pi? many things are coming with the Alexa app inbuilt but fundamentally this is not always the best solution for example.....Alexa turn on lights at 3am wake the whole house, triggering a PIR with a cytech rule sets the right light level for the time of day and doesn't wake everyone.



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