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 Posted: Monday Nov 26th, 2018 08:58 am
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I understand that the android and iphone are possibly different we have mainly dealt with the android.
Set upOn several android screens the set up gets to a point where everything is filled in and you are unable to proceed ( the save screen is hidden) The structure..Primarily its and ap for arming and disarming your alarm. So the structure should reflect this.In a most basic set up I don't want customers to be able to access pages that either have no relevance or do absolutely nothing.
Home automationThe screen reflects the comfigurator tiered home control menu and I can accept this, although not ideal. Would it not be great to have a simple on off button with feed back for say a light circuit or lighting scene! This would be a start. Then categorize by function or geography so sort by room or sort by function e.g. lighting or blinds or heating. We deal with a number of different manufacturers and this is all standard format now and has been for several years.
Overall Comfort is simply looking tired, its an amazing product but the front end is and always has been .......... well at best not good!

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