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 Posted: Monday Jun 11th, 2018 10:40 am
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I have a comfort alarm installed with peripheral sensors and PIRs and a ZWave board. It works well.
I have as well, another BMS with ZWave and need to communicate between them.
For alarm state e.g. day, night, away etc. I pick up the state in Events/Miscelaneous events/day mode partition 1 and set a response to set a Zwave register to a value. (off=0), day=10..etc.) The other BMS treats the register as a dimmer and polls the state every minute. It works a treat and the other BMS knows what security state the house is in. (It took a while to understand the hidden range conversion from 1-255 to 1-99!)
I would like to be able to signal the state "that the alarm had been triggered" to the other system but can't find an event driven response that I can program to set the ZWave register in comfort to 100 say.
Could someone explain how I do it please?

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