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 Posted: Monday May 28th, 2018 06:25 am
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Thanks so much to koochy_rat for all his help and assistance with this fabulous extension to Comfort! Home Assistant (HA) is an open-source program that will happily run on a Raspberry Pi and can control and monitor numerous 'smarthome' devices. Being able to integrate Comfort with HA is a huge plus as it brings everything together under one UI. After a couple of minor issues, which koochy_rat soon fixed, I have this working. One issue that may be of use is that if you follow the instructions supplied, if - or when - your terminal session times-out, the program will stop running and all the Comfort entities will be unavailable. I found that using the command 'exec python3 &> /dev/null &' ensures it runs in the background and will NOT stop when you close your Pi terminal session. If you then need to stop the process, use top -u pi (assuming you are running it as the pi user) to see what PID is associated with the python3 process and then kill xxxx where xxxx is that PID. Great work - well worth looking at!:)

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