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 Posted: Saturday Apr 14th, 2018 08:41 pm
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Hi all,

I am sharing my Comfort integration with Home Assistant. This is a standalone Comfort to MQTT bridge for Cytech's Comfort II Ultra Alarm system with UCM/ETH03 module primarily intended to integrate with Home Assistant (or OpenHAB or other MQTT compatible systems). It can run on a Raspberry Pi and other systems with Python 3 support.

With Home Assistant, you can further extend the Comfort system with more complex logic, inputs, outputs and actions. Using virtual inputs, you can define additional zones in Comfort triggered by any sensor available in your Home Assistant setup. Or vice-versa, having Comfort trigger any action in your Home Assistant setup.

Instructions and source code available at:

Attached is my HADashboard setup for Home Assistant

Attachment: hadashboard.png (Downloaded 263 times)

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