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 Posted: Monday Nov 20th, 2017 07:58 pm
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Please be aware Visonic have discontinued their MCX308 so you can NO LONGER use MULTIPLE Visonic wireless inputs into Comfort from a single device.Visonic do a single channel device but then the price is very prohibitive
RISCO Nova 4 is a 4 channel input device ( each channel can have a further 4 devices) that makes use of any of the RISCO wireless sensors  e.g. PIR, MDC, Keyfobs CO et etc. BUT the catch is that in the UK you HAVE to have an account with RISCO ! Crazy I cannot purchase form security whole saler !
Texecom have the ricoshet product but this does not support the wireless keyfobs !

IF the RISCO are any good Ill see if Laser business (CBUS SHOP) will stock them in future otherwise we wil lhae an account if there is any major interest !

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