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 Posted: Thursday Oct 13th, 2016 08:25 pm
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Thanks for getting back to me.
I see in the manual;
To use a Primary Controller to associate a Routing Slave to a Virtual Node; The
procedure below is for the MK LR14S controller - other devices will have their own
procedure which is found in their instruction manuals.
1 Put the Controller into Association Mode by pressing and hold the ASC button
until its ASC led turns on Yellow.
2 Press the button on the Target slave node to be associated, i.e. UCM/Zwave.
This is the Virtual Node Info - SEND button. The ASC led will flash green 3
times to indicate receiving of the target device data.
3 Repeat for other target devices to be associated with the Source device, i.e.
other Z-Wave slave devices. A source device can be associated with many
target devices.
4 Press and release (not HOLD) the ASC button. The ASC led will turn Red to
indicate that the next device to be received will be the source node.
5 Press the button on the source slave node to be associated to the Virtual Node.
6 The ASC led will flash green 2 times to indicate receiving of the source slave
data and will turn off to indicate exit from Association Mode.

My question was whether or not it could be done without using a Primary Controller

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