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 Posted: Wednesday Sep 7th, 2016 06:17 pm
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I have a Comfort II with Zwave3 UCM.My primary zwave control is HomeSeer with a UZB stick.I have set up zwave within Comfort, it shows the physical nodes from my existing controller as well as some virtual nodes I have set up.I can control zwave devices from Comfort and control the virtual devices from HomeSeer.
So far so good.
I have a plugin socket that has 'Counter' as its 'Registered type', it is mapped to Counter 11.When I turn the socket on or off I see the counter value change in Comfort (via Comfigurator).
I also have a battery operated zwave sensor on a window. This appears in Comfort (having learned from the existing zwave network) and it is also mapped to a Counter, Counter 10. I know the sensor works as I get a response from HomeSeer, but the counter does not update in Comfort.
I suspect that it may be related to the sensor having a number of child devices but if that is the case, how can I get Comfort to recognise a change in a Child device?

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