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 Posted: Tuesday Aug 9th, 2016 02:57 pm
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The LCD shows the temperature in Celsius together with the setpoint if TSM01 is connected to a Comfort controller.

Pressing the Up or Down buttons will display and change  the setpoint. 

The setpoint is mapped to a Counter. If the Counter is not mapped, or TSM011 is operating as standalone mode, then the setpoint is not shown.

Pressing and holding Up and Down buttons together will alternately switch on and off the mode The On/Off mode is mapped to a Flag.

The ON/Off mode for the setpoint is toggled by pressing on both up and down buttons at the same time.  If the mode is OFF the Flag that is mapped to On/Off Mode is cleared. This acts to turn off the thermostat function in IRIO or Comfort logic and if the mode is on, the mapped flag is set to enable the thermostat function. Changing the flag to on or off in Comfort also changes the display mode of TSM01.

If the External thermistor is not connected, the LCD shows “- -”

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