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 Posted: Saturday Jan 30th, 2016 12:50 pm
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IMHO it would be nice to beef up the UCM/Zwave:

  • Z-WavePLUS (ie dev a new v4 new daughter card)
  • Support the secure classes for inclusion
  • lobby the major primary controller companies so that the Comfort/UCM is recognised as a "known" secondary controller; and thus maybe a bit better supported.  I'm sure the list is longer but ones like Vera Edge and Fibaro Home Center 2 are two we all seem to use on this community as a start. For example I use Fibaro and they still haven't created a "template" for the UCM even though plenty of other templates for devices are getting created.
I know Cytech resources aren't infinite and I'm sure you want to interface to as many devices as possible so that you maximise your sales activities,  I also think that maybe a few of these integrations like CBUS and ZWave should have "premium" developer status and maybe have features that go a tad further than some of the other "first gen" integrations.

Personally I want a reliable retrofit solution and hoped Zwave was it,  but I'm sure others want a new build solution and if Comfort could "really..really" (that's technical for more features!) support these then life would be sweet!

In terms of my UCM/ZWave3 I sort of agree with Vangelis, I don't really use mine much either now.




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