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 Posted: Wednesday Jan 13th, 2016 05:42 pm
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First, the Infrared Code of the remote control should be learned and saved into the Comfort IR library using a UCM as shown in

Any Infrared code defined in Configuration > IR Transmit Codes can be sent from any Comfort Output (with an infrared Transmitter Module eg IR01W or IR03W). Note that new IR codes can be learned using the UCM/USB, or Ethernet  which have build in a IR Learner and using Comfigurator Tools > IR Learner. This is described in the UCM Manual from this topic on Learning IR Codes

The IR Transmit codes should be selected in Configuration > IR Transmit codes

Create a new Response using Add Response
Select Output from the tabs on the left. A new window opens showing the Output actions available. Select Output > Infrared Command.

The right of the screen shows two boxes, "IRTxName" and "Output Name". Select the IR Code name to be used, and the Output number to send the IR signal from. Outputs 1 to 64 and RIO outputs 129 to 248 can be selected, provided the required number of Slaves (SEM) and LEM (Local Expansion Modules) or RIO01s are connected.

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