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These instructions can also be found in the UCM/Zwave Manual

Other topics include Use the latest Comfigurator for this
In the Modules tab right-click on UCM and select SCAN for UCMs. Enter your user code in the login box. The Scan results are shown below (typical). The Z-Wave UCM should be shown in the UCMs list.

After scanning you can check from the UCM's page if there is a newer version available (on Latest Version column) and upgrade it by right-clicking the respective UCM/Zwave on the left pane under UCM's folder and select 'Check for Firmware Updates'. Note that you need an Internet connection for this function.

When using UCM/ETHxx for Comfigurator connection, the Connection Time-out in CS-Manager should be set to 5 minutes while setting up UCM/Zwave to avoid time-out while reading and Writing to EEPROM in UCM/Z-Wave.

Click on the UCM icon on the left Panel corresponding to Z-Wave to show the Z-Wave Configuration screen below.

Before the Z-Wave network has been learned, the Chip Type, Chip Version, Controller Type, Z-Wave Module Info, Home ID, Node ID will be blank, 0 or Unknown.
The tabs on the top of the screen are explained as follows;

Read From EEPROM
This reads the Z-wave configuration and Register assignment from the UCM/Zwave EEPROM (U2). Read from EEPROM is automatically performed after a Learn operation

Write to EEPROM
Write the Comfort Registers (Counter/Sensor/Response/Output/Virtual Input) mapping assignments to the UCM/Zwave EEPROM (U2 IC). This is necessary after changing the register assignments. Note that READ from EEPROM or LEARN operation is required before assigning registers  and writing to EEPROM. Writing to EEPROM does NOT change the Z-wave properties, it affects only the Register  assignments to Comfort.

Reset (Reset to Factory Default)
This resets the UCM/Zwave to Factory Default including the Z-wave properties and Counter assignments, i.e. it clears the UCM/Zwave EEPROM.
This does not remove or exclude the UCM/Zwave from a Z-wave network. See the section on Leaving the Z-Wave Network for instructions on how to do so. AVOID the 'RESET' to default button without first leaving the network OTHERWISE A NEW LEARN OPERATION WILL ADD A DUPLICATE NODE to the Z-Wave Network. This button is only used as a last resort when the UCM/Zwave has been removed physically from the network without having excluded it first.

Learn (Learn Z-Wave Network)
This button is used to Include the UCM/Zwave into the Z-Wave network, to learn or copy the Z-wave network configuration from a Primary Controller, as well as to leave (be Excluded from) the network. The detailed instructions are in the next section "Inclusion/Replication in Z-wave Network"

Create Virtual Node
This allows a Z-Wave Virtual Node to be created. The purpose of Virtual Nodes is to allow association with another Zwave device so that it can send commands to Comfort.  Instructions are given later.

UCM/Zwave Status
When the Zwave screen is in focus, the UCM/Zwave status information is shown in the status bar on bottom left of Comfigurator screen as shown below.

The possible Status values in the status bar and their meanings are listed below
  • "Normal/No error" - UCM/Zwave is in a Zwave Network with no error.
  • "EEPROM missing/faulty" - U2 EEPROM missing.
  • "EEPROM insufficient capacity" - U2 EEPROM problem.
  • "EEPROM data invalid" - Zwave data in the U2 EEPROM is invalid.
  • "Communication error between UCM baseboard and Z-wave sub-module" - Problem with the Zwave submodule.
  • "UCM/Zwave not in any Network" - UCM/Zwave has not gone through "Learn"
  • "Waiting to receive network data" - Seen during the Learn Process.
  • "Receiving network data" - Seen during the Learn Process.
  • "Writing EEPROM" - Seen during the Learn Process.
  • "Learn process success" - Learn has been completed.
  • "Learn process completed with errors" - Error in Learn. Repeat learning.
  • "Command transmitted - Waiting for ACK" - A Z-Wave command has been transmitted and is waiting for a response from the Z-Wave network.
  • "Z-Wave network busy/jammed (RF transmit error)" - Indicates there is a Z-Wave network problem.
  • "Unknown Transmit Error"
  • "Please wait.  Backing up Z-Wave module data first... xx% completed"
  • "Z-Wave module data is bad.  Restoring it now... xx% completed)"
  • "Restoring Z-Wave module data completed."
  • "Learn mode has ended. Checking if restoring Z-Wave module data is needed..."
  • "Comfort response contains invalid node."
  • "Comfort response contains virtual node."
  • "Comfort response contains non-supported Command Class in node."
  • "Z-Wave transmit queue overflow"
  • "Transmit complete without ACK"
  • "Too many Z-Wave commands to process"
  • "Z-Wave admin buffer overflow"

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