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Bridge Controllers and Virtual Nodes

A Bridge Controller in Zwave terminology is a controller which is able to create Virtual Nodes

A Virtual Node is a node in a Bridge Controller that appears like a physical node to the rest of the Zwave network.  The purpose of a Virtual Node in the UCM/Zwave is to allow other zwave devices to associate with the node. This allows zwave nodes to send commands to Comfort.

Virtual Nodes in UCM/Zwave can be mapped to Counters, Flags, Outputs, Sensors, Arm, Panic functions, or Virtual Inputs

Virtual Inputs allows Zwave motion and door sensors to behave like a Physiacl Input in Comfort, ie they can trigger alarms depending on the Comfort zone type and security mode

Mapping Virtual Nodes to Counters will cause the Counter value to be updated and the Counter Response to be triggered

Mapping Virtual Nodes to Sensors will cause the Sensor value to be updated and the Sensor Response to be triggered

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