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 Posted: Friday Jul 3rd, 2015 04:21 pm
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Yes agreed that polling is bad. This is the big problem with Zwave, that the devices do not report their changes.

Zwave sensors like PIRs normally work by association to lights so when the PIR triggers the lights turn on. Zwave works best for such simple applications.
If HC2 can create virtual nodes like the UCM then zone or counter changes would update these nodes, without needing physical zwave switches or nodes. If not and polling is not working then it is a problem.

What you are asking for, ie comfort zones to report to zwave controller is more complex that it seems.

if the controller is not to poll the node, then assume that each zone response can be programmed to send a zwave command to the controller node ID, but from diffferent virtual node ids to represent Zone numbers (this is not available now)

We do not know if a zwave controller is able to accept such a command/status - in fact most would not especially the handheld remotes. Then assume Fibaro does accept such commands, because it has been designed to work with its own range of sensors in a nonstandard way. Does it want a Status command or a SET command in Zwave terminology? Or perhaps it accepts such special messages only from Fibaro devices?

Even if we were to attempt to do this, we would probably end up trying to solve Fibaro problems which is not an entertaining prospect.

I hope this explains the situation better.

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