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 Posted: Friday Jul 3rd, 2015 02:09 pm
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I've responded in the other thread too but just wanted to reiterate that even if polling was working it wouldn't be a useful solution to me as that would swamp Z-Wave bandwidth impacting overall performance and also be prone to missing short zone trip triggers.

  Polling is bad  :shock:

I was looking for a near 100% assurance that any and all virtual node changes would be reported to the master controller, never missed, and pretty much instantly.   I accept the best that I could expect is as Z-Wave security sensors operate already so Z-Wave may be wholly unsuitable for this need.  I expected Comfort Z-Wave virtual zones to appear like security sensors to the primary controller and not need polling.  I effectively wanted to use my Comfort system as a multi channel Z-Wave I/O device with lots of inputs and outputs.

I tried the Z-Wave UCM path  because it was a quick 'out of the box' solution rather than using an Ethernet or serial UCM and some coding to implement the associated protocol. 

I am not asking Cytech to put in a fix for a Fibaro bug - but implementing status in a realtime event way as a sensor must be a feature many people would find useful.   

Alternatively and if my understanding is correct,   if some third party manufacturer offered an affordable multi endpoint (say 16+ relay) Z-Wave device that could be associated with these virtual nodes that might work too ?  I'm not aware of such a device though and it's really how I wanted my Comfort system to appear to my primary controller.


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