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 Posted: Friday Jul 3rd, 2015 02:20 am
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Thanks for the pointer Julian,  What Ewan is trying to achieve is pretty much exactly what I'm wanting to do too.  However my main focus is on being advised (within HC2)  of input/zone triggers to my Comfort system (rather than mode)  so I am not sure that the level of an intermediary dimmer could dependably reflect those if they are changing frequently or several at the same instant.  
I will look into this further and that thread is bang on topic rather than hijacking this one anymore.  Maybe I should just return the Z-Wave UCM though and pursue a different solution e.g. a Fibaro plugin , although that's another story.
Cytech... it's a shame we can't have a more useful bi-directional integration to a Z-Wave master controller.  I understand the issues are complex but I too would be happy with a non approved firmware - to talk to my non approved Fibaro system.

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