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 Posted: Thursday Jun 7th, 2012 12:07 pm
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Upgrading to UCM/Zwave 3 from older Versions

The original UCM/Zwave1 (2008) was only 1-way i.e. it could send commands to Zwave using the Response Wizard but was not able to accept commands from  Zwave. There is no EEPROM (U2) to store Z-Wave configuration. UCM/Zwave1 cannot be upgraded to UCM/Zwave3 as the UCM does not have
the U2 EEPROM on board

UCM/Zwave2 (2009) allowed Comfigurator to read the Zwave network and configure assignments to Counters. Operation is still one way, i.e. Comfort to Z-Wave, with UCM/Zwave acting as a Static Controller in the Z-Wave network. UCM/Zwave2 has the U2 EEPROM installed.  To upgrade UCM/Zwave2 to UCM/Zwave3, check if the  Controller Type is Bridge Controller. If so then the UCM/Zwave firmware can be  upgraded to the latest version 6.023 and above to implement the latest features. If the Controller Type is Static Controller, then a ZW03 submodule must be purchased to replace the Zwave submodule on the UCM/Zwave. The firmware can be upgraded to the latest version 6.023. There is no difference in hardware between UCM/Zwave 2 and 3

UCM/Zwave 3 (2012) firmware 6.019 introduced 2 way communications which
allows Zwave to control Comfort via Counters and sensor Responses and
update status. The UCM/Zwave3 acts as Bridge Controller. The latest firmware
6.023 has further enhancements as described in this manual.

Comfigurator 3.5.0 must be used with UCM/Zwave 6.023 and above to utilise
the latest features. After upgrading the firmware to 6.023 or above, repeat the
LEARN process with the primary controller to update the Z-Wave network as
described in “Inclusion/Replicating in Zwave Network”

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