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 Posted: Wednesday May 30th, 2012 05:12 am
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The initial post has been expanded to explain that other channels on a Multi-channel device can be associated with a Virtual Node

"Furthermore, a Virtual Node can still be associated with the other channels on the Multi channel device exactly as stated in the UCM/Zwave manual

The only shortcoming of having the Zwave Library version 2.4 is that if POLLING is used, ie Poll time is non-zero, the other channels in the Multichannel device will not respond. However in the new UCM/Zwave if you associate a virtual Node with a multichannel device, polling is NOT needed, because the associaltion allows the Z-Wave device to automatically report its state to UCM/Zwave. Polling was needed in the old UCM/Zwave with 1-way operation to obtain the status. Polling is inefficient compared to association as it causes more traffic on the Z-Wave network and is limited to every 10 seconds (so update is slow)"

So in practice your UCM/Zwave  should be able to work fully except if you want to use Polling, which is not advised anyway

Alternately you can send the Z-wave module (unscrew from UCM Baseboard) back to Cytech (Singapore address) to update the zwave library at no charge except for shipment back to your address

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