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 Posted: Tuesday May 29th, 2012 08:17 am
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There is an issue for UCM/Zwave3 where the ZWave Module Info is version 2.4, using UCM/Zwave 6.019

The screenshot shows the UCM Module info as 3.34 which means it is OK.

When ZWave Module Info is version 2.4, the identification of Z-Wave modules with Multichannel Class does not work and the multichannel device is detected as a single channel. Nevertheless UCM/Zwave wil be able to control the additional channels

This applies to MK Astral 2 gang or more dimmers and switches
It does not have an effect when the Mutlichannel class devices are not used in the Zwave network

The problem lies with the Zwave library. After library version 2.4 Z-Wave obsoleted one of the classes so that the command that was used to identify the multichannel class could not work any further. This means that Multi-channel Class Z-Wave devices are wrongly identified as Basic Class. However the UCM/Zwave can still send commands to control the other channels on the ultichannel device even though it is identified as Basic Class.

Furthermore, a Virtual Node can still be associated with the other channels on the Multi channel device exactly as stated in the UCM/Zwave manual

The only shortcoming of having the Zwave Library version 2.4 is that if POLLING is used, ie Poll time is non-zero, the other channels in the Multichannel device will not respond. However in the new UCM/Zwave if you associate a virtual Node with a multichannel device, polling is NOT needed, because the associaltion allows the Z-Wave device to automatically report its state to UCM/Zwave. Polling was needed in the old UCM/Zwave with 1-way operation to obtain the status. Polling is inefficient compared to association as it causes more traffic on the Z-Wave network and is limited to every 10 seconds (so update is slow)

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