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 Posted: Thursday Mar 1st, 2012 01:00 pm
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Older UCM/Zwave may be upgraded to firmware Zwave 6.019 downloaded from

However the new 2-way features can only work if the Z-Wave plug in submodule has thye "Bridge Controller" function. To find out if this is the case, use Comfigurator 3.4.4,  go to the Zwave Configurator in the Modules tab and do a READ from EEPROM. The typical results are shown in the screenshot below
You need to upgrade the UCM/Zwave to 6.019

The Controller Type above is shown as "Bridge Controller". This means the Zwave module has the required property. UCM/Z-Wave has been sold with the Bridge controller function for many months already.

Older Zwave modules will show "Static Controller". The new 2-way functionality and the ability to create Virtual Nodes will not be possible for Static Controller.

Users with Static Controller can buy a Zwave Module part number ZW03 and replace the older Zwave module in the UCM/Zwave

Please read about an issue with some Zwave Modules with an older Z-Wave Library version 2.4 in

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