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 Posted: Friday Oct 14th, 2011 04:15 pm
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Comfort is on latest 6x UCM Network again on latest 6x ..

New board is going in the attic so though I would be smart(hah) and upgrade it first :-)

Sticker on it says current firmware is SEM 5.139

Thought easiest way of doing it would be just to plug a 485 cable into it which I thought would give me 12v ov and the data bus.

Green light appears and then flashes.

I fire up Configurator go to modules then scan for new slave. - Get an error message "Communication Error or Comfort or UCM Firmware does not support scan"

Think to myself maybe as its such old firmware - so then I try to upgrade it from the UCM using the programmign cable but keep getting upgrade error.

So now am a bit stuck - anyone tell me how to do it?



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