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Universal UCM vs "General " UCM
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 Posted: Sunday Mar 2nd, 2014 07:49 am
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The General UCM ie UCM/ETHx, UCM/USB are used for programing Comfort via Comfigurator, and also for software applications which talk to Comfort, eg ComfortClient, Wizcomfort.  It can be used with 3rd party systems that can be programmed to communicate using the Comfort Protocol and using baud rate 9600 bps, 2 start bit, 1 stop bit. This includes  Crestron and other programmable systems

The Universal UCM does not use the Comfort Protocol. Instead it can be programmed to send commands to other systems using the other systems protocol.
Commands to other systems can be saved in the Universal UCM in "Commands to Device" and called up by Comfort Responses. Also commands from the other system can be  matched and mapped to counters, sensors, zones, and responses thus giving 3 way communications.

 Posted: Monday Mar 3rd, 2014 07:57 pm
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I have to say it is all very confusing even for me !
Would it be a good idea to change the name of the offending items - especially as the universal universal communication module ( U UCM) is not actually universal !

Universal UCM - "UCM - Comfort (non protocol) interface"
General UCM - "UCM - Comfort (protocol) interface"

Well at least I tried !

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