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Slave Expansion Modules
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 Posted: Sunday Dec 5th, 2010 04:02 am
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Slave Expansion Modules provide expansion inputs and outputs to Comfort beyond the extra 8 I/O that is availanle through the Local Expansion Module.

Slaves are connected via the Comfort RS485 Bus (CAT5) so they can be mounted far from Comfort, like on a different level in the building

Slaves have 8 Inputs and 8 Outputs. Either 1 LEM01 (8 inputs, 8 outputs)  or LEM02 (8 Inputs) can be connected or LEM03 (16 inputs no Outputs)  to a Slave in the same enclosure, so each Slave + LEM can support 16 inputs and Outputs (or 24 Inputs and 8 Outputs is LEM03 is connected). Note the SEM01 can have LEM03 connected only from SEM Firmware 7.118

SEP01 is the full Slave Expansion Module with Enclosure, Transformer and battery charger

SEM01C is the Slave PCB only without enclosure or Power Supply TT01-0022, with battery charging circuit

The SEM01C is connected to Comfort via the KA/KB wires only using CAT5. 12V and COM should NOT be connected as the SEM01 should have its own power supply via the transformer. It also charges its own 12V 7AH battery so the Slave has its own backup battery. The SEP01 can supply 1 Amp to external devices like PIRs and smoke detectors

Part Numbers
  • SEM01C:  PCB only not including TT01-0022 power Supply
  • SEP01C: SEM01C with the EN01D metal enclosure. SEM01C will refer to both SEM01C and SEP01C for functional description.
  • EN01D: Metal Enclosure 310 x 350 x 95 mm with TT01-0022 Power Supply
  • EN03D: Metal Enclosure 358 x 375 x 94 mm with TT01-0022  Power Supply
  • TT01-0022: Power Supply 90 - 264 VAC 550-60 Hz Input, 15V 1.8A DC Output
  • OP03: Output plug-in submodule for SEM01C with 8 outputs

SEM02C is the Slave PCB without power supply /Battery charging. It needs to get its 12V supply  from Comfort

The SEM02 PCB is the same as the Left side of the SEM01, ie without the power supply circuit on the right. The SEM02 is connected to Comfort by wires: 12V/COM, KA/KB via the terminal blocks or the white 4 way cable.

The Installation Manual for Slaves can be downloaded from the Cytech website

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 Posted: Monday Dec 6th, 2010 09:46 am
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Very usefull,
in about 6 weeks i will install all 64 I/O zones!

 Posted: Sunday Aug 4th, 2019 07:07 am
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The new SEM01C Slave is described here

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