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UCM/KNX 5.213
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 Posted: Wednesday Jun 9th, 2010 05:50 am
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New Features

  1. When UCM/KNX is connected to Comfort, existing Trouble and bypass conditions are reported to KNX
  2. When UCM/KNX is  reset, all trouble conditions and zone states are reported to KNX
  3. KNX Configurator KNX to Comfort has new KNX type called Virtual Inputs where KNX group addresses are assigned as Virtual Inputs, and the physical input in Security > Zone Types is set as Virtual Input and is ignored. This allows KNX PIRs to be treated as Comfort Inputs. Requires Comfort Firmware 5.195 and Comfigurator 3.2.1 which supports Virtual Inputs
Bug Fixes
  1. When zone is in Trouble state, other zone on or off would restore the zone trouble
  2. When any Trouble condition is restored, a prevaling RS485 Communications failure is reported as AC Failure
Known Bugs
  1. KNX relative dim levels are wrong when SCALE switch is shunted
  2. KNX Floating point EIS5 calculation wrong
  3. When a zone is bypassed on Comfort the Bypass state of the zone is not sent to KNX


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 Posted: Tuesday Jul 20th, 2010 05:24 pm
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The #3 is very interesting. Thanks for the upgrade!

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