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Comfigurator 3.9.5
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 Posted: Friday Oct 31st, 2014 12:53 pm
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Comfigurator 3.9.5 has been released

Comfigurator can be upgraded automatically when an older version is detected on running the software

Known Bugs
  1. Read from Comfort will cause Thermostats to be populated with Sensor 0 and Output 1. Output 1 cannot be deleted after that
  2. Cbus2 Response Wizard - Trigger Application action selector 255 is not accepted (since Comfigurator 3.8.6)
  3. Velbus action for VMB2BLE is wrong - does not support channels
Bugs Fixed
  1. Slave Low battery message in Comfigurator alert text field shows Door station ID instead of Slave ID
  2. Cbus2 Configurator  - Limit Cbus  groups to 254
  3. When upgrading UCM/ETH or UCM/USB  firmware of the UCM which is directly connected to Comfigurator, and the upgrade is cancelled by pressing the Cancel button, the upgrade could not  be restarted due to errors. However if the upgrade is stopped due to other errors eg network time out or reply errors, the UCM upgrade can be restarted.
  4. In Velbus Response wizard, sending commands to VMB1RYNO, VMB4RYNO, VMB1DMI were incorrect.
  1. Improved handling of Firmware upgrades to support UCM 7.060 to recover from failed Firmware upgrades even if the UCM were switched off or reset.
  2. Move "Convert cclx file for iOS/Android app" from HELP to File menu
  3. Keypad Broadcast Enable  action includes  "All keypads" to be specified in the action.
New Features
  1. Extend "Graph References" to include all relevant configuration items, ie Events; Zones , Counters, Flags, Alarms
  2. Changes to UCM/Velbus to support more modules and fix errors in commands to Velbus
  3. Supports new features in UCM/Zwave  7.061 (See )

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