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Comfigurator 3.6.0
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 Posted: Wednesday Nov 21st, 2012 01:57 pm
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The beta version of Comfigurator 3.6.0 is available for testing by advanced users. This has more major improvements and new features which will greatly enhance the power of Comfigurator. The main changes are;

UCM Connection
The selection of UCM Connection has been improved. Go to Options > Settings. The Saved Connection Settings are now here (instead of Configuration > System Information). If "Override Saved Connection Settings" is unchecked the Saved Connection settings for Local Network and Remote Network are shown

Modules Tab
The Modules in the Modules Tab  are shown in different colours depending in the status;
GREY: Indicates that the module has not been found by Scanning yet, eg when the file has just been opened
BLACK: Indicates that the module has been discovered by scanning
RED: Means that the module has not been discovered by a module Scan
GREEN: Modules that have their ID changed but before the modules are reset  to activate the ID change. This applies to modules with firmware version 7 and above
BLUE: After scanning, a new module has been discovered but the number of Modules has not been written to Comfort yet so Comfort does not know about the new module ID

New Modules Scanning Rules
Better rules for Module scanning to be described later

Changing IDs for Module Firmware version 7
Modules with firmware version 7 can have their IDs changed by dragging and dropping the IDs on the Modules Tab. This changes the IDs of 2 modules, eg UCM #1 can be dragged to UCM #2 position which causes the two modules at ID1 and 2 to swap their IDs

Sunrise/Sunset Times
The date of  Monday of each week is shown so it is easier to know which week is current

New Actions
Reset Module action 118 resets the module at specified ID (firmware 5.222)
Save to Event Log Action 119 saves to Event Log - can be used to save any event to the event log

Log in /Log Out
Comfigurator does not log out automatically after any operation which cause it to log in eg Write, Read, Execute, Scan etc. This allows information in Monitor I/O to be seen after certain actions

Check for Comfigurator Update
Comfigurator will check automatically for a new version every time it is started and gives an option to upgrade the software

Also, in Help Check for Update will update Comfigurator if a new version is available.

Firmware Upgrades
There is a new and simpler firmware upgrade method. In Modules Tab, select the module and right click and select either "Check for Firmware Updates" or Upgrade firmware from Local File.  "Check for Firmware Updates" will upgrade the firmware of the module from the Cytech server if there is a newer firmware available.
Comfigurator will decide the proper way to upgrade the firmware, either by Direct Connection to PC or by Comfort Bus.
Transfer > Firmware Upgrade only has 1 option, "By Programming Cable connected to UCM"

When Comfort, UCM and other modules have firmware version 7 ot above, UCMs and KT03 firmware can be upgraded by connection to Bus as well as by direct connectiob. This means that KT03 can be upgraded via UCM instead of by connecting to its USB port. However the upgrade time for KT03 by Bus will much slower, about 30 minutes compared to KT03 USB port which takes only 5 minutes. But this allows KT03 firmware to be upgraded remotely eg over the internet

KT03 Default Template
When a new KT03 is added, the kt03 default template kt03def.kt3x is loaded automatically instead of blank pages

IR Leaner
For ETH02, Increased buffer size to handle long IR codes or due to IR button pressed to long, so that this does not case an exception. Do NOT press and hold the IR button when learning IR codes

Bus Monitor
  • Bus Monitor will use the current UCM Connection Setting depending on whether Saved Connection Settings or Override Saved Conection settings is selected
  • Fixed bug Bus Monitor  changed the working folder for Comfigurator when a bus log is saved
  • Fixed Bug Bus Monitor exception when 2 modules have the same ID
UCM Configurator changes
  • Zwave
  • Universal UCM
  • Velbus
Bugs Fixed
  1. Velbus unknown module causes cannot write to Comfort error
  2. Response numbers > max causes Alarm Type names to have FF in front so SMS alarm Names are blank
  3. When Bus Monitor file is saved, it changes the working folder for comfigurator and exception will occur when going back to Comfigurator
  4. Bus Monitor has exception when running Bus Analyse with 2 modules having the same IDs
  5. During Firmware Upgrade by Bus, UBF6 error message did not end the upgrade operation.
  6. DAC5 send command in Zwave does not use escape character 15
  7. Virtual Inputs for KNX cannot select zones 65 to 96 created in old version
  8. Setting Zone Types to Null in Security > Zones caused Zone Type (0) to be displayed. Not a real problem but has been fixed
Known Bugs
  1. Zwave Responses show Error
  2. Velbus Comfigurator Response wizard commands have errors
  3. Update firmware for Controller always asks to Scan for Modules
  4. When  a new file is opened and scan for modules discovers KT03, selecting KT03 will cause an exception
  5. Upgrading KT03 by direct connection to PC  using the KT03 USB port has an error message that UCM version 6 is required. 
More details and tutorials will be uploaded later

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 Posted: Thursday Nov 22nd, 2012 01:20 pm
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Comfigurator Beta 3.6.0 can now be downloaded from

As there are  many changes in this version, any feedback is appreciated from testers

Here are some of the main changes

UCM Connection Settings

The UCM Connection settings are done in Options > Settings for both Saved Connections and overriden Connections
Saved Connection Settings,  introduced in Comfigurator 3.5 allows Local and Remote Network IP address and port numbers to be saved in the cclx file. This is convenient for those who have UCM/Ethernet as they do not have to re-enter the IP address and port when they open the file, especially so when you connect by Remote Internet sometimes.

If the Override Saved Connections box is unchecked, the set of connection settings are saved in the cclx file. Select one of the 4 connections to be used ; Serial, Network (Local), Network (Remote) or USB.

If the Override Saved Connections box is checked, the Saved Connection settings are NOT used, and you can select and enter a connection setting for the session, which will not be saved in the file.

The actual connection setting is displayed in the Status bar at the bottom

The difference from 3.5 is that the Saved Connection settings are not entered in Configuration > System Information which is only shows the Connection settings (Read Only).

 Posted: Thursday Nov 22nd, 2012 01:44 pm
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The Modules Tab has a number of enhancements in the way the information is presented, making use of different colours for modules status

If a file has been opened with existing modules before a module scan has been done, the modules are shown in Gray

Scanning for Modules is done by Right-clicking on Modules and selecting Scan for all  Modules. This will discover all the modules that are connected to Comfort, which have their IDs set correctly without having duplicate IDs with other modules of the same type

Note that Modules discovered by the scanning may not be recognised by Comfort. In order for Comfort to recognise and poll for the new module, select "Write Modules and Settings to Comfort" as shown above (by right click)

After the scan, the modules will be in black

 Posted: Thursday Nov 22nd, 2012 02:03 pm
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If a module in the configuration is NOT found by the scan, it will be shown in RED

The Status column in the middle pane also shows information like Scanned, Not Scanned, or Not Found

Hence if a module has been removed from the network perhaps temporarily, and thus was not found during the scan, it is not deleted but is shown in red. If the module was a KT03 or UCM/KNX where many hours of  programming work has been put in, the absence of the module during scanning will not cause the module with all its properties to disappear. It remains in the file and is not lost.

If you really want to delete the  module, then right click on it and select Delete Module.  However it is not possible to delete a module that is referenced by Responses or other elements.

Next, I will show how the new Firmware Upgrading method works

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 Posted: Friday Nov 23rd, 2012 11:18 am
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There are also improvements  in the handling of modules that have changed IDs

Modules may have their IDs changed manually due to rearrangement or reconfiguration
If a Scan for modules finds that a module say UCM/KNX, has changed IDs say from ID 2 to ID 5 since the last saved configuration, Comfigurator will assign the module properties to the new ID. Hence the  KNX configuration that has been programmed will not be lost.

If there is a new module compared to original configuration, the new module will have a blank configuration eg UCM/Zwave or UCM/Universal.

 Posted: Friday Nov 23rd, 2012 12:03 pm
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Firmware Upgrades

Firmware Upgrades can now be done by checking for updates over the Internet (applies to modules with  firmware version 6 and above)

This is done in the Modules Tab. Right click on the desired module

Select "Check for Firmware Updates"
If the firmware of the module is lower than the current firmware on the Cytech server, the firmware wil be upgraded. After confirmation that the firmware should be upgraded, the progress bar will be seen

The Firmware can also be upgraded from a local file if you have already downloaded the cbf file from the Cytech Server at

To do this, select "Upgrade Firmware from Local File" after right clicking on the module as shown in the first screenshot above. Then browse to the location of the file

Unlike the previous Comfigurator versions, you do not have to specify Nwhether the firmware upgrade is "By Direct Connection to PC" or by "Comfort Bus" Comfigurator will know what method to use.

In Comfigurator 3.6.0, Transfer > Upgrade, the only option is Upgrade Firmware by Programming Cable

The other options "By Direct Connection" and "By Comfort Bus" have been removed as they are replaced by the new method of right clicking on the module

This topic will be closed as it is already very long
Please open a new topic for all your comments, feedback, problems and questions

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