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Comfigurator 3.5.4 Beta
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 Posted: Saturday Aug 18th, 2012 08:52 am
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The new Comfigurator Beta 3.5.4 is now available from

Changes from 3.5.2

Improvements in Vocab/Sentence Upgrade
  1. Vocab Upgrade VP command time out need to increase from to 45 seconds to allow time for Vocab Flash erase and initialisation.
  2. The Error reply VP00xx reply to VS or VL during Vocab /Sentence upgrade will pop up an  error message "Error Code XX - Please retry Vocabulary Upgrade or Please retry Sentence Upgrade, and will also reset Comfort to reset the DSP to clear any error conditions ready for the retry. 
General Improvements
  1. When reading old cclx files,  UCM types Lutron Rako Dynalite are converted to General UCM
  2. After upgrading firmware, Comfigurator asks to Scan modules. If yes then it also sends date and time to Comfort so that Comfort date and time are correct. because after firmware upgrade the Date and Time are lost.
  3. Read from Comfort make use of Scan modules to determine the UCM Types so so that commands to UCMs like KNX and Cbus are interpreted correctlyto the correct UCM Types.
  4. If Scan for UCMs returns 00 and UCM is defined as smartfit etc which cannot be scanned then  dont change the ucm assignment - leave it as Smartfit etc
  5. Added Logic Engine as a new default in File > New
  6. Fix bug in converting old cclx files created in previous Comfigurator versions to saved connection settings which cause the saved settings not to be saved.
  1. In KT03 configurator add "Connection  Type = USB or UCM". This choice appears only if UCM, Comfort and KT03 firmware are all 6.050 or above.   If UCM is selected, Write and Read KT03will be via UCM instead of the KT03 UCM
  2. Fix Bug in Modules Tab. Adding KT03 or change KP type to KT03 cannot show KT03 configurator. Must Scan for KT03
  1. Fix Bug  Universal UCM has no limit on the no of entries 150
  1. Fix bug KNX Comfigurator KNX to Comfort Drive Control EIS always assign counter = FF in write to EEPROM. This causes a BUG in UCM/KNX - when KNX to Comfort has a group address type Drive Control Mapped to a Counter, the telegram with this group address received by UCM/KNX may cause a spurious Response to be activated.
Known Issues
  1. If the Vocabulary upgrade is stopped because of no reply from UCM, Comfigurator may end and log out without an error message. Always check the vocabulary on the keypad, make sure the voice can be heard after a reset

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 Posted: Saturday Aug 18th, 2012 09:11 am
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If Scan for UCMs returns 00 and UCM is defined as smartfit etc which cannot be scanned then dont change the ucm assignment - leave it as Smartfit etc

I like! I finally can also set the version # in my cclx file for my older UCM's and know that they wont be overwritten again by a rescan.

Many thanks


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