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UCM/Cbus 2 Firmware 7.106 (Beta)
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 Posted: Saturday Dec 16th, 2017 12:41 pm
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UCM/Cbus2 Firmware 7.106 has the following changes;
  1. Fixed occasional problem initial zone state transmitted to C-Bus Security application zone status may not be updated
  2. Improved Monitor Mode for cbus soo that messages  Received from Cbus and  Transmitted to Cbus are displayed. Previously, only message from Cbus are displayed. This requires Comfigurator 3.12.2 (not available yet)
  3. Work-around for rare problems for some C-Bus networks where the C-Bus serial interface was not able to receive a full status reply for the Lighting Application and hence was not able to initialise resulting in the ERROR led remaining on. Cbus2 firmware will not go into Smart Mode even if the Status Reply is not received from Cbus Lighting application

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