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Economy 10 times UTC and time programs
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 Posted: Thursday Aug 30th, 2018 09:24 am
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Many thanks for your help previously with my RS485 issue. Issue is now resolved per your advice and Gary Morgan. System working well. I am planing going to Economy 10 electricity tariff.  This gives 10 hours of cheaper electricity during the day - there are 3 periods . However the meter is timed with  UTC time and does not change with Summer Time changes.
Via MOD BUS TCP interface with the Victron solar battery inverter and charger I want to control when the battery is charged (if not enough solar) so that the Grid charges the battery during the cheaper periods and then discharges during the more expensive time periods.
I have tested the Comfort MODBUS TCP interface with the Victron unit and this works.
The issue is how to manage UTC. I do not want switch off the time synching via ETH03 as this set all my time programs for Heatmiser and DHW etc.
How would you go about setting up time programs in this case?
The Time period below are UTC.
    Three off-peak hours in the afternoon (e.g. 1pm – 4pm)Two in the evening (e.g. 8pm – 10pm)Five overnight (e.g. midnight – 5am)
Best wishes

 Posted: Thursday Aug 30th, 2018 12:20 pm
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I see that the meter is not as intelligent as Comfort and is not able to automatically  adjust to  Daylight saving time ;)
you can use time programs and logic to determine if the date is within daylight saving period and use other time programs to determine the start and end times for the cheaper rate
However that is quite complex. Perhaps Gary Morgan can work out the logicI thunk the easeer way is to use Fixed time programs to set a flag when teh cheap time starts and clear it when it ends, and use that flag to tell the system that the cheap time is active
Then change the Time program activation times when the Daylight saving starts and ends

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