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Vacation Programs
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 Posted: Monday Apr 27th, 2015 02:39 pm
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Hi Chiu,

We have recieved a file which uses vacation programs but I am unclear how it responds in one particular instance...

One of the vacation programs contains the following:
Hours = 4
Duration = 0
On Resp = Light ON
OFF Resp= Light OFF

Can you explain what results these settings would produce?

The 'Light ON' & 'Light OFF' responses have no other logic in them, they are simply issuing an 'ON' or 'OFF' to an X10 address.


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 Posted: Monday Apr 27th, 2015 03:53 pm
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Hour = 4 means the vacation program hour is 4 AM. The On Response will be activated fromn 4:00 AM  to 4:59 am where the minutes is randomDuration = 0 means the duration of the Vacation program is 0 hours. The minutes is random so the vacation  program will be on for a duration of 0 to 59 minutesOn Response is the Response to start the vacation program to turn on the applaincesOff Response is the Response to end the vacation program to turn off the appliances
This vacation willl run the ON Response any time from 4:00 am to 4:59 am each day, and the Off Response wll be activated after 0 to 59 minutes

The Programming with Comfigurator Manual explains it as follows

Comfort has the ability to control lights and home appliances at semi-random times during the day or night in Vacation Mode. This is made possible by Vacation Programs. 
There are 8 Vacation programs available. Each Vacation Program consists of a Start Time in hours (0-23), a Duration in hours, an ON Response, and OFF Response.

The Start Time is when the ON Response is activated. Only the Start Hour (0 to 23) is entered, while the minutes are random. 
The Duration is the time between the ON and Off Response in Hours. The minutes of the Duration are random from 0 to 59 minutes

For example, Vacation Program 1 is programmed for Start Time of 7 PM, a durationof 1 hour, ON Response to turn on a light, and Output Response to turn off the light. Each day, the light will turn on between 7 PM and 8 PM, for a duration of 1 hour 0 minutes to 1 hour 59 minutes. With this randomized pattern, it will not appear to be programmed or automatic operation. 

All Vacation Programs may run simultaneously and overlap in time.

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