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Dial Test to test the dial-out to all Phones
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 Posted: Thursday Feb 25th, 2010 05:19 am
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Dial Test is a very useful and unique feature of Comfort which tests the dial-out by dialing all the programmed (max 8) telephones programmed in Comfort.
To activate, press F3 and 3 on any keypad

It dials to each phone type one by one - Voice Phone, pager, SMS (for UCM/GSM) and Central Monitoring Station and allows the dialling tones to be heard on the keypad.

For Voice Phone, it calls to the phone and announces a "Dial test" alarm. The called party should press # to end, else they can sign in and access the user menu. When the call ends Comfort dials to the next number.

For Central Monitoring Stations, it dials to the receiver and sends a test message.

For SMS (when the UCM/GSM) is installed, it sends a text message XXXXXXXXX-Dial Test- 90 where XXXXXX. is the alphanumeric or Text identification programmed in Comfort

Other alarm systems can dial out only when you set the alarm and cause an intruder alarm, and when it does not go through for any reason, the installer has no clue why.

A real case study:
Recently, an installer had difficulty dialing through to a Central Monitoring Station, but dialling to Voice Phone could succeed. In the dial test, Comfort could be heard dialing to the Central Station receiver, and the receiver answered the call and the" handshake" tones were heard, but Comfort did not seem to detect the handshake tones and so did not send the contact ID signal. The reason was audible, the line was very noisy, various noises and tones could be heard, hence the handshake tones were affected. When another telephone line was used (the premises had a few lines), the CMS dialout succeeded, hence problem was due to the noise line by the telephone company. If another alarm system was used, there may have been arguments between the alarm installer and the telephone company before the matter could be resolved

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 Posted: Sunday Jul 12th, 2015 11:01 am
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Dial Test can also be done in User Mode in Comfigurator

This activates a dial test to all phones

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