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UCM Firmware 5.228
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 Posted: Monday May 2nd, 2011 04:08 am
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UCM Firmware 5.228 can be downloaded from
Please note that products supplied by Distributors and Installers may not correspond to the latest firmware because of the supply chain. Firmware can be upgraded using a UCM

Version 5.228 (15 April 2011)
Bug Fixes
  1. R! Command replies with OK so Comfigurator Execute Response will not have long delay. Fixed Bug from 5.146
  2. Fixed BUG seconds was not sent to Comfort when changed in UCM using DT command which includes seconds.
  3. UCM will report  RIO zones (129 to 248) and respond to query of RIO zones
Improvements and New Features
  1. Supports Tibbo EM500 (ETH02). SW8-F switch need not be shunted for EM500 in UCM/ETH2. However EM100 (ETH01) still requires SW8-F to be shunted
  2. Hardware Flow control is disabled. SW8-H shunt is ignored.
  3. UCM/Ethernet using EM100 can work in Bus Monitor  - fixed Bug in previous firmware. Comfigurator 3.2.8 is needed.
  4. Transfer Data bytes increased from 56 to 64 bytes in one line of Rs485 message.
  5. DT report for date and Time added XX byte for DST byte 0 or 1
  6. When Upgrade Firmware fails during the intial UB command, addtional infomation appears for debugging
  7. RS485 Receive  buffer queues mulitple incoming messages from Comfort so UCM will not miss any messages
  8. If checksum error in received message send NAK once instead of 2 times, and send checksum error immediately.
  9. If no rs485 comms from Comfort,  - stop timer does not continue to count and trigger 256 seconds later
  10. Prevents stuck DLOAD, UPLOAD, COPY TEST switches on UCM from preventing UL and DL from working
  11. Increased Rs232 buffer size  from 500 to 1000 bytes
  12. added f?00 command to request 64 user flags in a single command. Used by Wizcomfort to query flags.
  13. Prevent RS485 reply from corrupting the communication bus if the reply is delayed for any reason by an internal process. The Rs485 reply will be transmitted at the next poll.

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