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UCM Firmware 5.212
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 Posted: Monday Jun 7th, 2010 02:53 pm
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Version 5.212 (5 June 2010)
  1. Improved Vocabulary Upgrade process to prevent it from getting stuck after repeating 3 VL lines with no VP00NN error code. Works with ULT 5.195 and previous versions.
  2. Fixed bug s! does not get sr reply
  3. Enables implementation of EN50131 for UCM Keypads
  4. a? Query extend to alarm state and trouble conditions if Comfort firmware supports it (requires Comfort 5.195)  See new RS232 document for format.
  5. I! Rs232 command sends virtual input command.
  6. UCMs  automaticallay request alarm state, zones, security mode, alarm type, Trouble conditions from Comfort at reset
  7. Extended command  a? A?AASSXXYYBBzzRRTTGG  will be sent when trouble is restored
  8. Fixed BUG in counters > 128 has wrong value when 64 zones system is used
  9. Implemented LR report when user signs in Requires Comfort 5.180
  10. Implemented RM reply to RM query but not handled by Comfort yet

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