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UCM Firmware 5.092 to 5.164
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 Posted: Thursday Apr 17th, 2008 06:10 am
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Download firmware upgrades from

5.164 (4 August 2008)
  • U? Command replies with ID of the UCM for future use
  • Fixed bug on stack during transmit (rare)
  • Fixed problem that UCM KL mesage hangs the Leax lighting module interface. SW8-G switch when shunted prevents events from being reported to Rs232 until login. When logged in, the KL mesage goes to RS232 and causes Leax to hang. Now SW8 -G shunted will permanently disable STX and ETX from Action 197 and prevent reporting of events to RS232 because devices like Leax have problems if unexpected characters are received eg KL and PS. Also in UCM 5.93 for UCM01 firmware
UCM 5.159 (9 January 2008)
  • PS00 or PS01 does not appear if not logged in - suits RAKO. CWM will still see PS00/PS01 if not logged in
  • Fixed BUG DP command does not work when SW8-H shunt is not inserted
  • Maximum UCM send RS232 message size increased from 120 to 200 characters
  • Fixed - if message from PC is not terminated by message is not terminated by <CR>, the next message is not accepted and NA is returned
  • Note: If U2 and U3 master/Copy shunt J4 position is changed, UCM power must be removed and switched on again, otherwise the U2 and U3 EEPROMs cannot be accessed
UCM 5.156
  • TC command to copy all characters in Rs232 to Rs485.
  • Fixed BUG Flow control did not work
  • Improved TM01 operation not to miss characters in either diirection, so no invalid string appears in Bus Monitor
  • Fixed bugs UCM/IR learning gives UBF0 after CI01.
  • Fixed BUG from 5.120 EEPROM write to U2 as COPY does not work
  • Accept "UB" and "UD" if not logged in, so firmware upgrade of Comfort can work without login. This is important when upgrading Comfort firmware
  • Allow UB01 at all times when programming firmware so previous failed firmware download can recover Version
UCM 5.147 (Flash) 16 April 2007
  • Flash Firmware download is supported
UCM 5.128 (Flash) 2 February 2007
  • UCM05 with Flash firmware released, but does not have the function to upgrade firmware  on other modules
UCM 5.92 (5 Oct 2005) Last OTP
  • Implemented KL message for keypad LEDS status
  • Implemented K? Command to request for keypad led status
  • Implemented v?, v! Commands
  • Implemented VS commands for download of Comfort II vocab
  • Implemented Download of KP data from Comfigurator 2.0 and download of KP text to new KP04
  • Can be used to download 32 bytes per line for Comfort II
  • This is the last UCM01 OTP version for Comfort I

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