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Comfort Firmware 7.153
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 Posted: Tuesday Apr 9th, 2019 12:48 pm
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Known Bugs
  1. CM9001-EMS sensor event log recording is wrong from sensor 9 to sensor 32
  2. Trouble alarms in partition are registered in random partition and may be restored  in different partitions so cannot be cleared except by reset – old bug
  3. Keypad request security  mode at reset may get wrong partition securrity mode.

Changes from 7.142
  • Latched output  for Slave, do not  check if Output is the same as current state because if Slave Output changes rapidly,  then the slave may report its state to CM after a delay so Comfort  may not have the correct state, eg IP17 > OP 17, and IP 17 On/Off very fast before OP slave has a chance to report to CM,  then OP17 will be on and not turn off after IP17 On and Off. Fixed problem that slave OP ON and Off can be missed out
  • SMS Repeat Timer minutes added for OPT and ULT for repeat SMS
  • CM9001-EMS implemented Residual Offset to set zone trouble in virtual input
  • CM9001-EMS added events 36 to 67 for reporting sensor values 0 to 31
  • CM9001-EMS Report sensor changes to event log if virtual input changed state  and every hour  if no change in virtual input state
  • Cold start default  date to 6 July 2018
  • CM9001-EMS, F key time out without another key will not cause beep error, so KP04A F key in ems mode can send F key as well as EMS sensor display . Does not affect non EMS firmware
  • Fixed BUG get status from modules did not work on ETH03 plug in on CM9001
  • Vocab Upgrade commands enabled non-ascii hex format for faster transfer Total 18 minutes by ETH03+ CM9001
  • Added command switched S12V command on/off by rs485 controlled by id
  • Fixed bug for VL vocab upgrade comand via ETH03 to CM9001 used to get VP0015 or VP0016 after a few lines. Caused by Keypad requesting IVS info. Vocab upgrade by eth03 plug in has never worked. But this improves vocab upgrade by ucm as well as sometimes error VP0015 or VP0016 error occurs when keypads are connected
  • Action 160 - S12V timed off, 160, 0, secs turn off S12V for N secs
  • RS485 command 4BH, onoff, time is secs OFF SWAUX if OFF, then parameter timer in secs will be the off time, s12V will on again
  • Fixed  BUG from 26/11/15 M!00 does not disarm alarm or trouble in sec off mode-
  • Fixed BUG in CM9001-EMS Program Menu 5 for user Menu numbers are wrong and 0 to Erase Mailboxes did nto work
  • Fixed  BUG event log for sms dial fail gave random parameter. Fixed to 0
  • M!00 disarm command will acknowledge alarm just like keypad sign in
  • Fixed bug from 25/5/18 when arm with open zones ERNN followed by NA. affect LGX, CM9001 with ETH03 plug in when arm by ETH03
  • Fixed BUG from 2/1/18 CMGGCCVV if VV 0-9 when feedback is counter does not work
  • Action 197 Send Text if destination  id = 01, write to 2nd eeprom for KNX/Logic
  • Sign in Engineer code. if no the system has no keypads then do not  need F0 to enable Engineer
  • If KT05 sign in by engineer code to exit from Cytech App, dont need F0. Allows KT05 exit from app  by enter engineer code. No need to press F0 on keypad. There may not be other keypads in system
  • For  security Arm Failure save open zone so open zone is reported in alarm inst of zone 0
  • Fixed bug in counter no from 18/8/18 7.146 affects ucm/logic
  • Fixed Bug causing UCM/Logic firmware upgrade by direct connection not to work because there is no reply to UB02 command after reset. Firmware can be upgraded by direct connection to the built in eth03
  • Action 9 doorbell action 9 set dpid = 241 for event log
  • keypad # to force arm Fix problem if force arm press # key while dialing out, long beep is heard and cannot force arm.
  • security keyarm if called by action code not F arm key, report user = 241 in event log.
  •  KNX/Log  handle KE command to erase 2nd eeprom for KNX settings
  •  Control Menu CM command to do control response  do not are about action words anymore. If action has Response, do response regardless of action word is present or not. For flag and output feedback, do Response if action has response otherwise 0 and 1 will clear set register. For Counter feedback, do response if action has response, otherwise set counter value
  • Control menu is authorised for engineer code
  • Control menu  - control feedback for Counters do not  change value 1 to 255 (used to support certain external ucms)
  • Fixed  bug for sms and cms dial outs when zone trouble restored, sent sms & cms intruder alarm zone restored instead of zone trouble restored
  • Fix BUG. multiple zone trigger and restore to report wrong zones restored
  • CM 9000  will not show the UCM properties in Controller when scan by Comfigurator.  CM9001 wil show the UCM Properties in Controller
        8 GSM sms trouble will report module types Sensor, HIO, SWXm.mac sendsmsalarm
        9 SMS buffer imcraesed from 16 to 32
        10 For dial to SMS if event is not put into sms buffer because it is full, skip re-dial out for that event
        11 18/1/19 made ems 7.153, lgx 7.153 ucmlog 7.153 with ucm 7/117. Made OPT 7.153 rezip EMS 7.153 to DGLux facebook
        12 18/1/19 tmrext.mac tmrrxd_check add if ?rxtimeout decrement tmrrxmsg for knx.log

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