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Comfort Firmware 7.140
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 Posted: Sunday Apr 8th, 2018 12:42 pm
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Bugs Fixed
  1. Fixed Potential Intermittent Communications failure that may occur every day or every few days, especially if the Comfort PCB hardware does not have Zone EOL shunts
  2. Fixed Bug s! To ETH03 on CM9001or UCMLOG  does not update sensor to rs485.
  3. Fixed BUG f?00 On eth03 on CM9001 or UCMLOGreturns wrong flags states
  4. Fixed bug in UCMLOG no of slaves reply was wrong for Y? Reply. Now  z? Will get dummy reply instead of no reply
  5. Fixed BUG is Tamper Nondetector alarm is null and Tamper is open, arming cannot complete, keeps announcing Please exit and no zones announced.
  6. Fixed BUG phone Voice menu did not select the correct  partition for user when signed in
New Features
  1. Action change entry time works if system is armed but not if it is 24 hour zone. Now it works for 24 hour zone even if system is not armed
  2. For GSM, After receiving (4xxx) sms, if there is no feedback in the control menu, dont send "Invalid Command" to SMS. Bug from  7.077
  3. Each partition will resend sms for open zones when in alarm state according to the interval in minutes in Alarms >  Misc Settings> SMS Repeat Time (Needs new Comfigurator 3.12.6). The SMS will be repeated after every interval for the zones that are still open until the alarm times out. If the SMS Repeat time is 0, then the sms is not repeated
  4. GSM SMS  SMS user number 240, 241, 245 etc will not send  user number 240, 241, 245 and dont send "User" Instead  "Keypad, By Response, SMS"
  5. After writing to Comfort after  a file system mismatch, ie EEPROM file system mismatch with the Firm ware and the correct File was written to it, fixed problem where Comfort does not reset automatically, and needed to press the reset button
  6. For Control Menu, activate action key eg 0 or 1 remove check for control action word is non-empty so in case vocab mismatches the comfort app still works
  7. Changes in  the internal polling algorithm
  8. Configuration Flags added GSM Priority When checked, system will dial out by GSM as pririty instead of fiuxed phone line even when the fixed line is installed. Requires Comfigurator 3.12.4

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