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Comfort Firmware 7.116
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 Posted: Thursday Nov 17th, 2016 05:42 pm
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Known Issues
  1. Engineer Menu 4,5 Keypad Area (Anouncement) is wrong.
  2. Execute Response in Comfigurator (DA) with multiple actions - security alarm actions eg bypass, Do Alarm cause subsequent actions do not work. eg Bypass zone 1, bypass zone 2, output 1 on Only Bypass zone 1 will work. However the Response executed by Comfort events will work
  3. Bypass action has other problem of clearing a memory bit
  4. Partition keypad disarm does not off siren when disarm partition if there is a trouble alarm, until the code is entered 2 times
  5. CM9000- OPT firmware bug Clear all outputs action 8 does not work
  6. Do Action 190 serial command DABE does not do the actions following action 190 correctly. The 1st action is continually repeated
  7. Action 73, 16 Get  keypadId/ If Keypad ID does not work
Bugs fixed
  1. Fixed BUG add counter and add sensor actions did not work
  2. Fixed BUG from 7.112  For partitions if last zone has no zone type but has a nonzero partition (due to eeprom) after upgrade, the arming to night mode causes keypad to give strange sound and system cannot be armed.


When virtual Zone is activated but the state is not changed from previous, the zone will not trigger alarm again, so TSM01 temperature alarm will not trigger multiple alarms when the temperature changes.
  1. Sensor registers enabled for OPTIMUM
  2. Comfort automatically detects of LEM03 at reset
Please upgrade

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