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Comfort Firmware 7.065
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 Posted: Thursday Oct 9th, 2014 06:25 pm
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Known Bugs
  1. Actions Add counter, Add counter give wrong answer from 7.039
  2. When Zone Restore Box is checked, meaning when he zone is restored following an alarm, it may not report the zone restore to CMS or GSM in some cases. From 7.059
  3. Engineer Code cannot be changed in the Engineer Menu 6 (from 6.008)
  1. Firmware Upgrading will not erase and upgrade the Boot sector if the boot sector is not changed. This means that when Comfort is reset or switched off when firmware upgrade is not completed, the firmware can still be upgraded without needing the UCM programming cable. Requires change from CF 3.9.3+
  2. Allows KP03 and KP04 support for future serial number (depending on KP03 and KP04 firmware)
  3. Prevent endless transmit and reply if a faulty device sends broadcast ID to Comfort instead of its own ID.
  4. If DT command has extra parameter 00, it means that the time is sent without Daylight Saving Time adjustment, and it is up to Comfort to make any adjustment to the time based on Daylight saving based on the Sunrise/sunset City Location. This requires Comfort server Manager 2.05 and ETH03 firmware 2.13

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 Posted: Sunday Oct 26th, 2014 06:48 pm
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ULT 7.065 is released
Please upgrade to this firmware so that the daylight saving time change for UCM/ETH03 Internet Time Synchronisation (SNTP) works correctly when the clocks turn back on October 26th.

ETH03 firmware 2.14, UCM 7.060 and Comfort server Manager 2.06 are also required to make the time sync work correctly  at all times

UCM 7.065 will handle the change in time based on daylight savings, while ETH03 time sync will provide the time without Daylight savings

Upgrade UCM 7.060 before ETH03 2.14

To upgrade UCM firmware to the latest, right click on the UCM and select "Check for Updates"

Comfigurator will prompt to update Comfort Server Manager 2.06 in Options > Settings > UCM Connections > select Network Local or Internet

ETH03 firmware 2.14 must be downloaded from

 Current time is 04:39 pm

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