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Comfort Firmware 7.057
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 Posted: Thursday May 22nd, 2014 09:49 am
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Changes from 7.050 are

Known Bugs
  1. Actions Add counter, Add counter give wrong answer from 7.039
  2. Engineer Code cannot be changed in the Engineer Menu 6 (from 6.008)
  3. Sending SMS to Comfort with UCM/GSM will reply "Unknown command" if there is no control Menu Feedback, even though the  control is performed correctly
  4. action 190 does not work
Bugs Fixed
  1. Fixed BUG - after pressing *1 on Keypad to load text, ucm #1 is detected as HDL
  2. Fixed a bug that scanning of Invalid IDs (via the u? command) did not give a valid reply.
  3. Fixed bug which appeared in Comfigurator 3.8.7 onwards where extra keypads 9 to 15 appear after scanning immediately after resetting Comfort.
  4. Allowed UCM/Cbus firmware bug fixed in  Cbus 6.083. UCM/ CBUS firmware must be upgraded to 6.083 or above
  5. Fixed BUG  from 7.038 zwave status polling was wrong when Zwave status is required by the comfort apps or Comfigurator control menu
  1. Improves scanning of old models of Keypads and Door stations which did not recognise the u? scanning command. In previous versions, if the old keypads and DP03 are not polled by Comfort due to the number of Modules not including that ID, these old models were not detected by Comfigurator scan. You had to add the keypad or door station manually and write to Comfigurator. Once the models are polled, then the Scan by Comfigurator will detect these old models. Old models of Keypads and Door stations can be detected  by scanning even if they are not polled
  2. KP06 min version 6.008 so KP06 can check serial no
  3. Max keypads  increase from 8 to 15 to support 15 keypads
  4. Do not report date/time change to UCM if change < 2 seconds as SNTP cin eth03 may cause many events in event log
  5. Do Alarm Report Zone Action will report last zone triggered. Last zone restored is not used.This will work in zone response.
  6. Tamper input introduced 1 second confrmation to reduce alarms caused by fast transitions on Tamper due to wiring or external induced voltages
  7. Z? Reports 96 zones  instead of 80 zones. The limitiation of 80 zones was because of a bug in UCM/Cbus older than 6.083
  8. Low Battery Trouble will report ID as 1 for Comfort controller to keep in line with other controller troubles
  9. Improved Control menu operation for the new redesigned Comfort apps so that the status button does not change state several times due to switching on or off
  1. Action 190 -  Delay action -  190, timer#, timer high, timer low causes a delay before executing the next action. 190, 4, 0, 10 means insert a delay of 10 seconds using Timer 4. This is not supported in Comfigurator yet
  2. Action 194 Do Response after Timer expires. If the Timer value is 00, then use the incoming value from the last action as the delay, eg Get Counter 1, Do Response X after 0 seconds means the timer value is taken from Counter 1

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